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Auto strains are one of the most popular options for cannabis growers of all skill levels and walks of life.


Well, auto cannabis seeds are low-maintenance, time-saving, and still offer high quality and potency like feminized seeds and traditional options.

The only downside is that the yields are generally a tad lower, but you can’t have your pie and eat it too.

But whether you’re searching for a Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant strain — you’ll need to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank and find the best deal.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve taken a look at hundreds of autoflowering weed seeds on the market and dozens of seed banks and analyzed many factors such as reputation, ease of growth, genetics, germination guarantees, shipping policies, and more.

Below is our list of the best autoflower seeds you can find. And we’ve included free shipping deals as well.

Let’s get started.

Best Autoflower Seeds − First Look and Reviews

  1. Sour Diesel − Best autoflowering strain overall (free shipping)
  2. White Widow − Forgiving plant with high 17oz yields
  3. Northern Lights − 90% Indica-dominant strain for potential stress relief
  4. Gelato − Potent strain without any “couch-lock”
  5. Amnesia Haze − Sativa-dominant strain with uplifting effects
  6. Gorilla Glue (GG4) − Extreme THC content (up to 26%)
  7. Purple Kush − Relaxing autoflowering strain to watch a movie
  8. Gorilla Cookies − Easy strain for beginners
  9. Critical Neville Haze − Strong energy boost and 21oz yields
  10. AK-47 − Ideal for a creativity boost

1. Sour Diesel: Best Autoflower Weed Seeds

Sour Diesel is today’s winner. This Sativa-dominant hybrid delivers the best of both worlds, offering a euphoric high that will boost your energy.

The strain has a high THC content going up to 20% and delivers a good yield of up to 15 oz. It’s easy to grow, and you’re bound to get good results even as a beginner grower.

Cool, but how will this plant make me feel?

Well, it’s one of the best effects you can get from autoflowering strains, in our humble opinion. Sour Diesel is not a couch-locker. You will feel euphoric but energized – relaxed but not out of control.

You’ll feel like you can take over the world. What more can you ask for from a weed plant?

And if you’re wondering what it tastes like − it’s mostly all-natural. Sour Diesel has an earthly feel to it, with just a hint of a refreshing lemon vibe.

2. White Widow: Best High-Yield Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow is one of the most popular autoflowe marijuana seeds in the world, and for a good reason.

It combines Indica, Sativa, and a touch of Ruderalis for a long-lasting effect that strikes a fine balance between the “body” and “head” highs.

But wait, there’s more to Auto White Widow than the cool effect.

First of all, these are very forgiving autoflower plants for beginners − which means you should be able to get some beautiful, silky white trichomes even if it’s your first grow.

Second, Auto White Widow is also known as a great strain to relieve muscle tension without feeling the typical “couch-lock”.

And finally, it gives impressive yields of up to 4.4 oz dry weight (approx. 17.5 oz fresh weight). This makes it one of the highest-yielding auto-flowering strains on the market.

3. Northern Lights: Best Indica-Dominant Auto Flowering Weed Seed

If your idea of a good high is the Indica effect – meaning relaxing, euphoric, maybe a bit sleepy but still uplifted – check out Northern Lights, the best Indica-dominant option in our book.

You’ll recognize this famous strain from a mile away by its spicy smell. It rocks a good THC level of up to 18% and delivers solid 15oz yields.

Are there beginners in the room?

If so, while Northern Lights doesn’t grow super fast, it’s a low-maintenance strain that will pretty much take care of itself.

With its 90% Indica content, it’s also known as a good way to relieve stress and body aches, making it a popular option for medical marijuana users.

4. Gelato: High THC Autoflowering Seeds with Balanced Effects

Gelato makes for perfect autoflowering seeds if you’re looking for high THC content.

Simply put − Gelato packs a punch without knocking you out.

It’s one of the few beginner-friendly autoflowering plants with such high THC content. You’ll be euphoric and super relaxed, but never locked to the couch.

These autoflower cannabis plants takes 8-9 weeks to reach the flowering stage and delivers a yield of up to 15 oz.

Gelato has a citrus vibe to it and is best enjoyed in the evening. It’s a potent cannabis plant, after all, and not something we would recommend as an option for daily smoking. Highly recommended for newbie growers.

5. Amnesia Haze: Best Sativa Auto Flower Seeds for an Energy Boost

If you want the Sativa effect, meaning the energizing “head” high, we recommend Amnesia Haze. This Sativa-dominant strain will lift you up, rocking a spicy herbal vibe.

The autoflowering version of this plant has drastically cut down the lengthy flowering period of the traditional option, going as low as 11 weeks (it used to be up to 20 weeks).

We’re looking at a medium-yield plant that delivers up to 14oz. THC content goes up to 20% and usually lingers around 18%.

These autoflowering cannabis plants is pretty easy to maintain, but it’s vital not to over-feed it for the best results.

6. Gorilla Glue (GG4): High THC + High-Yielding Autoflower Seeds

If you’re looking for auto-flowering strains that pack a massive punch, check out GG4.

With an extreme THC content of up to 26%, this autoflower seed will lift you up and drive you to that state of euphoria we all crave for.

It’s one of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds for relaxation, but only if you’re a seasoned user. It has a punchy smell like a strong cup of coffee.

The effect is uplifting and relaxing, with the possibility of couch-locking if you’re not experienced.

GG4 is easy to grow, especially if you opt for indoor cultivation. The flowering period is 10-14 weeks, and you can expect to score up to 15oz per yield.

Again, the hybrid strain hits you hard and instantly. Seasoned users love it, but it might be a tad too much for newbies. The stony feel is strong, so make sure you find the right place for your sesh.

7. Purple Kush: Best Relaxing Autoflower Seeds for Sale

Purple Kush is one of the best autoflowering seeds for a nice movie night.

Like Gorilla Glue, the autoflower seed is a strong Indica-dominant hybrid. Expect that couch-locking effect even if you’re a seasoned user, so tell everybody you’ll be unavailable for a while.

The buds are gorgeous – yes, they’re purple, and the smell is pungent.

Finally, these autoflower cannabis seeds are 100% newbie-friendly and take 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

8. Gorilla Cookies: Best Auto Flower Seeds for Beginners (High Yielding Autoflowers)

While most autoflowering strains are low-maintenance, Gorilla Cookies is our top recommendation for beginners looking for a high-yield autoflower.

These autoflowering marijuana seeds are effortless to grow. It’s a bushy, compact plant that only requires basic pruning and easily delivers 21oz yields with a 10-week flowering period.

The THC content goes up to 27%, making Gorilla Cookies potent and potentially couch-locking.

As a balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid, this strain delivers a strong effect and makes you more euphoric and giggly than most other cannabis seeds on this rundown.

Gorilla Cookies is one of the best autoflowering seeds if you want to have a good time and laugh your guts out with a group of friends.

9. Critical Neville Haze: Highest Yielding Autoflower Seeds

If you want to buy autoflower seeds that won’t lock you to your couch, you need to check out Sativa strains.

And if you need an energy boost that will relax you and make you productive at the same time, check out Critical Neville Haze.

With 21% THC content, this is a strong Sativa-dominant plant with great autoflower genetics. The aroma is pungent and sweet, and the marijuana plants grows best on medium soil and average temperatures.

Finally, if you’re looking for the highest-yielding autoflower (but still easy to grow), Critical Neville Haze’s massive 21oz yield won’t disappoint.

10. AK-47: Best Auto-Flowering Weed Seed for Creativity

We’ll wrap up our list with AK-47, the best autoflower cannabis seeds if you’re an artist looking for a creativity boost or just something to lubricate your social skills.

We’re looking at a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow and requires 7-10 weeks to get from seed to harvest. That’s fast, and you also get reasonably high yields of up to 15oz. It’s one of the best autoflowering cannabis strains for inexperienced growers, especially for outdoor cultivation.

In terms of effects, you’ll be relaxed, focused, and active. No couch-locking here despite the somewhat high THC content of up to 20%.

The uplifting side of the AK-47 also makes it a quality social lubricant. If you’re searching for a little something to spice up an evening with friends, you can 100% go with this one.

The way this strain hits you in most cases is with an initial wave of euphoria, followed by a long-lasting mellow feel. It’s what most people look for in a marijuana plant.

How to Find the Best Autoflowering Seeds for You

Before you buy autoflower cannabis seeds online, you need to check a few things explained below.


Autoflower strains deliver the same potency as feminized or traditional cannabis strains.

We recommend taking it slow if you are a beginner. Don’t just go for the extremely potent strains thinking they are the best autoflower cannabis seeds for you.


To find the best seed for you − and this goes for autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds − You need to set clear expectations on what you want from your marijuana seeds.

Do you want autoflowering plants that make you happy and euphoric?

Or maybe you’re searching for autoflower weed seeds to make you more focused and creative?

Having clear cannabis breeding goals is one of the things that separate experienced growers from inexperienced growers.


The effect is usually the main factor growers take into account when finding a seed to harvest.

But if you want to get the most from your marijuana seeds, you should also pay attention to the flavor of the autoflower strains you opt for. You can take the more natural route and go with the earthy flavor or spice it up with fruit-flavored autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Cheap Autoflower Seeds

Once you know the effect, potency, and flavor you want to get from your autoflower cannabis seeds, the next step is to find the best deal.

One of the things we paid extra attention to when finding the best autoflower strains is to find world-class genetics, but also the seed bank that sells the auto strain at the best price.


One of beginner growers’ top mistakes is neglecting the climate they live in and how it affects cannabis cultivation.

Indoor growth is a different story, but outdoor growers absolutely must check the environment in which their desired autoflower strain grows best.

Also, whether you opt for indoor or outdoor cultivation, make sure to learn about the flowering process and obtain the proper tools for growing weed. ILGM has the best guides for that.

Ease of Growing Autoflower Seeds

Unlike traditional cannabis strains, autoflowering seeds are known for producing low-maintenance cannabis plants with high yields.

That said, always check to see what the requirements are because some autoflowering strains are made for experienced growers and require low-stress training. For indoor growers, most autoflower cannabis seeds are good options.

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Best Autoflower Weed Seeds − FAQ

What Are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower marijuana seeds produce cannabis plants that flower on their own when the time comes, whereas photoperiod cannabis seeds generally need a different light cycle to start flowering.

Additionally, auto-flowering seeds produce highly potent cannabis plants with a short flowering period. In most cases, autoflowering strains only require 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Autoflowering seeds are easy to maintain, require no light manipulation, and are perfect for growing indoors.

What Is the Most Popular Autoflowering Strain?

Sour Diesel is the most popular autoflowering strain, and we can see why. The strain is effortless to grow and delivers a good mix of relaxing and uplifting effects. It’s a compact autoflowering plant with a short flowering period.

Do Autoflowers Need Darkness?

No, autoflowers don’t need darkness, as they are independent of light cycles. Unlike photoperiod seeds, auto flowering cannabis seeds can get between 16 to 24 hours of daily light without any noticeable difference in results.

What Autoflower Seeds Grow the Fastest?

White Widow and AK-47 autoflower cannabis seeds grow the fastest. With a flowering period of only 7 weeks; the plants take 9 weeks from seed to harvest. Expect long-lasting cerebral effects and medium-to-high yield.

What Is the Best Autoflower Seed Bank?

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is the best autoflower seed bank in our opinion. The selection of autoflower cannabis seeds is impressively vast, and the company also offers feminized seeds and photoperiod seeds. The seed quality is top-notch, and the seed bank also includes a germination guarantee with all autoflowering strains it sells.

Additionally, the seed bank has frequent promos on popular strains as well as free shipping to the US with no minimum order value.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower in the World?

GG4 is probably the strongest autoflower in the world, with extreme THC levels of up to 26%. This easy-to-grow strain delivers multiple harvests in one season. It will make you euphoric and uplifted, requiring 10-14 weeks from seed to harvest.

What Is the Easiest Autoflower to Grow?

Gorilla Cookies are one of the easiest autoflowering cannabis seeds to grow. Easy to grow indoors and outdoors, this cannabis plant delivers a high yield with a short flowering time. Gorilla Cookies delivers a massive punch and generally sells at pretty good prices.

What Are the Highest Yielding Autoflower Seeds?

White Widow and Critical Neville Haze deliver massive yields between 17 and 21oz with a short flowering period of just 8 weeks. Known for its long-lasting effects, White Widow is also easy to grow in various conditions. No wonder White Widow is among the most popular autoflowering strains.

Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds – Conclusion

We hope this guide was helpful and that you found the best autoflowering cannabis seeds to match your style.

In our humble opinion, each of the listed strains is worth your money; it’s just a matter of whether the auto seeds in question fit your preference or not.

Whether you want Indica strains, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, or something different altogether, we believe this list should have something for you.

If you want a quick recommendation, check out Sour Diesel for its good THC content, balanced relaxation and energy, and free shipping to the US.

As always, stay safe and have a good one!

Where to Buy Autoflower Seeds

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