As photographers saw the San Jose Sharks season 2021-22

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2021-22 San Jose Sharks the season was not what none of us wanted. Haunted by injuries, losses and inconsistencies, it was a difficult season, the culmination of which the team missed the playoffs for the third year in a row – for the first time in the history of the franchise.

But, dude, we got good images out of this.

The Shark was incredible a talented team of photographers on their ice side this season, including Amanda Kane, Kevin Mistry and Meredith Williams. Honestly, there were a few moments in the season where I (un) patiently waited to see what team shots they should share next. Now that the season has officially come to an end, I would like to showcase their work and pay tribute.

Initially, I prepared this article in order to highlight their photos in the middle of the game, but the more I delved into their discovery, I quickly realized that I just can not leave them. So here we are!

Here’s a collection of photos I just couldn’t take my eyes off this season:

Practice portraits

You know, I’m kind of a sucker for goalkeepers (and clear shots of their masks). I also admire the clear edges of the object (and apparently also the little peeps from Matt Nieto).

Teaching shots

During the game it’s pretty easy to focus on the action on the ice rather than what’s happening on the bench. Combined with very close-ups, this is a new perspective on some familiar faces. Also, I miss you, Vintiki, hope you thrive in Colorado!

Season opening

Opening the house never makes me smile, and it’s a great collection of photos that summed up the night well – especially this shark head shot. Come back, Eklund!

The biggest … Showcase?

Hockey in hats, Mario makes the best impression on Hugh Jackman and smiles around. Who could ask for anything more?

Monochrome Monday

I’m not immune to the monochrome Monday trend, and I don’t want them to be. Each of these shots has completely different sensations, it’s great.

Congratulations to Bordel on the show

I would be wrong not to add them and you know it. The shots from above are insanely cool, but also give faith in my fear of heights.

Season finale (home)

Not the end we wanted, but perhaps the one we deserved. The bokeh effects are satisfying, and Kahkonen’s entry is no less.

James. Reimer.

Dynamic expressions are without a doubt my favorite part of the sport. It captures perfectly.

(PS Please do not pay attention to any specific topic of my choice.)

Savchenko’s first start in the NHL

All the intricate details shown as a result of very clear focusing just continue to amaze me. Bright teas and borderline fluorescent oranges really complete them.

(PPS Not seriously, I mean it. Please. I just think it’s cool.)

Savchenko’s first victory in the NHL

See? I enjoy seeing goalkeepers, and I enjoy seeing their success even more. A great collage to celebrate a great achievement.

My favorite genre is goalie photography

Something in that really echoed with me. Maybe it was the fact that it was a goalie, maybe it was a splash of water we’ll never know, but it doesn’t make me love it less.

Reimer hugs the goalkeeper

No one can hate a goalkeeper’s hug, and if you do, I don’t trust you. The close framing makes it even better, more sincere.

Farewell Middleton

I can only hope he had an explosion with Minnesota, that’s the only thing that makes him lose himself.

Reimer and top to bottom

Tall shots are dope. Like James Reimer. I’m resting my business!

(However, overtime losses are definitely not.)

Victory № 1100 and goalkeepers support

Again, ignore the topic. This is purely coincidental. I also really like how these photos are arranged along with this small overlap.

Beginner’s rule

Did I say I’m also a fan of series that turn into a stop sequence? Seeing it was Jasper Weatherby’s goal, he personally got even better. The children are fine.

Again, it’s just a very a small selection of photos of each – you have to find the remaining hidden gems yourself! Amanda, Cavin and Meredith deserve a lot of support and excitement for the great shots they have brought us since the beginning of the season, and I highly recommend browsing their various social networks to learn about the full scope of their work.

Amanda Cain

Twitter: @grafikAmanda
Instagram: @amandajcain

Mered Williams

Twitter: @merelyakin
Instagram: @mere_wphoto

Cavin Mystery

Twitter: @ kavinm95
Instagram: @kavin_chemistry

Amanda, Cavin and Meredith – thank you all for sharing my talent with fans this season and I think I can speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait for next season!

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