California gas price cuts: Interactive map shows costs

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The average price of gasoline in Sacramento hit $3 a gallon on Tuesday, up about a penny from last week.


U.S. fuel prices took one of them, according to a new gas report the biggest drops since August.

The the national average per gallon of regular gasoline down to $3.49, down 26 cents from a month ago and up just 10 cents from a year ago. Oil prices fell lower, AAA said November issueon fears of an economic downturn around the world.

In response, gas demand fell and gas inventories rose, leading to lower prices at gas stations.

The largest decline is on the West Coast, including California.

“But the West,” AAA spokesman Andrew Gross said in a November issue, “will fall the most because the prices are so high.”

Marked as the most expensive gasoline market in the country, California average cost a gallon of regular unleaded fuel is $4.94 a gallon — down 62 cents from a month ago and 23 cents below last year’s average.

Sacramento follows a similar trend.

As of Wednesday average regular gas price in Sacramento is $4.74 per gallon, down 67 cents from a month ago and less than 1 cent from last year’s average. Just five months ago Sacramento motorists have been paying for the entire time $6.44 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline.

Several other California cities, such as Fresno, Modesto, Stockton, Oakland, and San Francisco, are also seeing declines in pump prices.

The current average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in San Francisco is $5.05 per gallon, which is $1.58 below the highest average price on record. The average price in Fresno is $4.78 per gallon, which is 1.57 cents below the highest average price.

While California areas like Modesto ($4.75/gallon), Stockton ($4.72/gallon) and Oakland ($4.95/gallon) are all more than 1 below the highest average dollar

When prices go AAA predictionsmotorists can expect continued relief at the pump.

The data used in this interactive map, collected from AAA, was updated Wednesday. Here are the usual gasoline prices per gallon in California by county, which differs from the metropolitan areas listed below. See where you land:


  • Current average gas price: $4.78 per gallon
  • Last month average: $5.43 per gallon


  • Current average gas price: $4.75 per gallon
  • Last month average: $5.40 per gallon


  • Current average gas price: $4.72 per gallon
  • Last month average: $5.38 per gallon


  • Current average gas price: $4.95 per gallon
  • Last month average: $5.62 per gallon


  • Current average gas price: $5.05 per gallon
  • Last month average: $5.77 per gallon

As gas tariffs in the country

While California has seen a major drop in pump prices, Alaska is the best state.

Here are the 10 biggest weekly drops in the US, according to AAA:

  • Alaska – 30-cent drop
  • California – down 21 cents
  • Indiana is down 20 cents
  • Wisconsin – down 20 cents
  • North Dakota – Down 20 cents
  • Nevada – down 17 cents
  • Oregon – down 17 cents
  • Illinois – down 17 cents
  • Michigan – down 17 cents
  • Oklahoma is down 16 cents

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Brianna Taylor is a feature reporter for The Sacramento Bee. Brianna also reported in Missouri and Maryland. She graduated from Morgan State University.

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