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The Press-Telegram campaign “Send a Child to Camp” started well: readers donated $ 28,940 in the first two weeks to help children enjoy outdoor recreation in mountain camps this summer.

“Our hearts are warmed when we see love pouring out at the beginning of the campaign in support of sending deserving children to camp,” said Marcel Appley, the company’s president and CEO. Long Beach Joint Foundationwhich has partners with Press-Telegram to include funds each year.

Epley thanked the “amazing readers of Press-Telegram, from those who have been with us from the beginning, to those who donated for the first time this year. Your kindness will remain for these children for a lifetime. “

But despite a great start, Appley said, the company has a long way to go to compare last year’s donation record of $ 106,678.

“In fact, we want to break last year’s record,” Appley said, “so we can send more boys and girls to these mountain camps.”

Frank Newell, chairman of the board of the Community Foundation, said he hopes Friends and Telegram friends and readers will continue their generosity because so many children are waiting to go to camp.

“Camp vendors are telling us that this year the need is higher than ever,” Newell said. “The mental health of many young people has been negatively affected by the isolation and stress caused by the pandemic.

“Families also have difficulty with the financial means to provide camps for their children,” he added. “Camp scholarships that make donations to readers are more important than ever.”

Don Rodriguez, CEO of Long Beach Boys and Girls Clubs, agreed that the need for financial aid has never been so great.

“There are so many families struggling because of the pandemic,” Rodriguez said. “We need to help as many of them as possible to relieve some of their pressure and allow their children to enjoy what will be once in a lifetime.”

This is the 23rd annual camp campaign, founded in 1999 by the late Press-Telegram columnist Tom Hennessy and Gene Bixby Smith, honorary chairman of the Community Foundation.

We didn’t do it alone.

To make this happen, we collaborate annually with Big 5 Long Beach youth groups: Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach, YMCA Greater Long Beach, Camp Fire Angeles, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

As Tom Hennessy said, for someone one week in a mountain camp may seem like something, “but for many of these young people living in difficult situations, it may be the first break in life.”

We invite you to contribute this year – and realize a child’s dream.

Keep in mind that costs continue to rise. To send one child a week to a mountain camp takes an average of about $ 500.

Thank you in advance for changing the lives of children and families in need.

How to donate

Internet: Credit card donations through the Long Beach Community Foundation website are preferred. To do this, go to or use accompanying QR code.

Mail: You can also send a check payable to: Long Beach Community Foundation (with Send-a-Kid-to-Camp in a note), 400 Oceangate, Suite 800, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Send the child to a donation camp

Until Thursday, May 12: $ 28,940.55

Total donors: 131


  • In memory of Raine Akers.
  • Maria Alarcon.
  • Paul and Lucy Bakers.
  • Susan Ballmer.
  • Anonymous.
  • June Barringer.
  • Vincent S. Basil.
  • Don and Penny Bowman.
  • Joyce and Raymond Bond.
  • Robert Burge.
  • Diana and Barry Bradfield.
  • Linda and Thomas Brayton.
  • Caroline Bristow in honor of Tom Hennessy.
  • Diana and Frank Butrena.
  • Jacqueline Butts.
  • William and Francis Cahill.
  • Barbara Casadey.
  • Kay Cherney.
  • Eldan and Martha Chambers.
  • Deborah Chankin.
  • In memory of Jerry Clark.
  • Gerald and Donna Cox.
  • Chris R. Conway.
  • Warren and Susan Crawford.
  • Patricia Cooney.
  • Norma J. Dalman.
  • Bonnie Daguerre.
  • Betty Day.
  • Melanie M. Diet.
  • Mrs. Katie Dollarhead.
  • George and Ian Downers.
  • John and Doris Dunk.
  • Marilyn and James Danyon.
  • Wendy and Don Ebright.
  • Carolyn Elliott.
  • Dale and Janice Fairbanks.
  • Daphne Fear.
  • Molly A. Ficar.
  • Sheila Finch.
  • Carol and Tom Fitzpatrick.
  • Connie and Dave Forker.
  • Ian and Mike Gashen.
  • Evangeline Gatling.
  • Kate Griffin.
  • Carol and Ray Grimes.
  • Donald Wants.
  • Anonymous.
  • Diana and Harold Hardy.
  • Robert and Carmen Hedges.
  • Anonymous.
  • Douglas Heisler.
  • Carol Herridge.
  • Sharon Holt.
  • Marie Hooper.
  • Andrea Hübner in memory of Howard S. Ryle Jr.
  • Anonymous.
  • Sue Kagi.
  • Nancy Carl.
  • Christopher Kennedy.
  • Michael P. Keohane.
  • Barbara Klein.
  • Nancy Neuer.
  • Richard Lands.
  • Mia Lipsky.
  • Anonymous.
  • Maurine and David Mardesich.
  • In memory of Sidney Katz.
  • Cleo (Dor) McQueen.
  • Susan and Norman Milks.
  • Lois Miller.
  • Jamie and Craig Mock.
  • Sandra and Thomas Morgana.
  • Paul Morrison.
  • Anonymous.
  • Vicki Mortensen.
  • Mary Nash.
  • Philip J. Nash.
  • Anonymous.
  • Tommy Nerman in memory of Mary Toits.
  • Gail and Larry Nestor.
  • Ed and Sally Nielsen.
  • Raymond Nottingham.
  • James and Jane Knowell.
  • Sally Oberuerge.
  • Kathleen O’Connell.
  • Betty Ann Ugland.
  • Joe and Sally Peer.
  • Robert Parkin.
  • Raymond and Diane Peavy.
  • Guerrilla Peterson.
  • Camilla Doole and Carlton Pilsecker.
  • Guillermo Kinones.
  • Dolores Rice.
  • Carol Richardson.
  • Marcy Rig.
  • Mary and Ryan Robison.
  • In memory of Ted Rogan.
  • Victor and Iris Ruiz.
  • Keith and Joan Russell.
  • Sean Sangkarat.
  • Doris Sargent.
  • Schlemmer Investments.
  • Mimi Scully in memory of Ron.
  • Troy Scherer.
  • Steve Sheen and Debra Olsen.
  • Karen R. Shulman.
  • Linda and Peter Shuttlen.
  • Barbara A. Smith.
  • Betty and Vance Spilatro.
  • Elizabeth Stepan.
  • Joyce Striwig.
  • Mary K. Sati.
  • Steve and Ian Shabatury.
  • Anonymous.
  • Anne Takii in honor of Tom and Debbie Hennessy.
  • Debra E. Theron.
  • Nelly Thompson in memory of Fron L. Buckley.
  • Maria Van Tien.
  • Sandy VandenBerge.
  • James and Tina Vince.
  • Mrs. Claire Vincent.
  • Marian von der Horst.
  • David and Katie Walker.
  • Pat and Dick Watkins.
  • Judith and William Weldon.
  • Carol and Ralph Wetterhan.
  • Richard and Janet White.
  • Amy White.
  • Shirley and William Wilde.
  • Anna Louise Wood.
  • Anonymous.
  • Marvin and Jenny Zavatsky.
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