Jill Daggar and Derrick Dillard reveal income, tell in detail about the main financial struggle

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Back in 2017, Jill Daggar and her sisters sued for invasion of privacy.

Now, in an ironic twist, the private information of these siblings continues to appear online as a result of this legal maneuver.

As previously reported … Jill, Jess, Ginger and Joy-Anna sued the city of Springdale, police officers and other government officials after they said that the release of the police protocol of their older brother Josh in 2006 caused “emotional upset ”.

Josh, of course, admitted in 2015 that he had inappropriately touched his siblings when he was a teenager and they were minors.

He was forced to make this confession because the national tabloid received the said police report and wrote an article about the alleged incidents.

Hence the legal statement of Jill and the company, who were angry that such a personal issue was published through what they believed was an illegal leak.

A the judge dismissed the Daggar sisters’ lawsuit a few months ago, but a number of papers under consideration have now been published online.

For example, during this Jill confessed in court her father Jim Bob Dagar emotionally abused her.

“I saw a whole new side of my dad as soon as my husband and I started making decisions that were best for our family, but not in his best interest,” Jill told the psychologist, according to her legal records.

“Unfortunately, I realized he became quite controlling, scary and reactionary.”

Claiming that Jim Bob was “verbally abusive” at times, Jill quoted that he describes their relationship as “not good” and adds how things are going these days:

“We send messages to the family group from time to time, but I’m not comfortable being around him and just hanging out. He was kind of abusive. It’s not good for my mental health right now.”

In a similarly alarming way, Jill’s husband Derrick Dillard said in the lawsuit that Jim Bob stole all the money his kids earned from reality television – and kept it to themselves.

“Our neighbors sometimes bring boxes of food. And I was also getting food through the pantry on campus, ”Dillard said in his testimony about how Jim Bob’s alleged actions affected his immediate family.

Now, through testimony from Jill – which was made on September 1, 2021 and received by The Sun – the former cast member of Counting On has stated that her income comes from social media, including from product promotion and advertising.

These platforms include Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

“We have Google advertising, which is a simple and easy way to make a profit,” Jill explained late last summer.

“You just tick and then there are ads that I may not even know what’s going on there … Google advertising is more like a third party … For example, if you’re on YouTube, it’s will pop up during the video. “

Daggar went on to explain that she promoted a number of products on her family blog and on social media:

“On a blog it would be just a blog post. And then the others that I would develop would be what I would publish along with the product. ”

And then Jill revealed that in 2020 she earned $ 10,000 on such reports.

Meanwhile, Derrick on May 25, 2021 sat down to announce and detailed the couple’s income, including what they earned from Counting On.

The father of two, who is expecting his third child later this year, confirmed in court that he started earning $ 500 to $ 1,000 for an episode of the TLC series “Early 2017” until May of the same year he left the program.

Dillard added that Jill was earning about $ 1,000 per episode and estimated that Michelle and Jim Bob were taking home about $ 10,000 per episode.

At one point, Derrick was asked the following question:

“Did Jim Bob and Michelle Daggar treat you right about TV shows?”

“I’m not sure because I think there are a lot of misunderstandings,” he said in testimony.

“I thought we should have known and been able to decide we were committing before the show.”

Derrick also delved into the recent earnings of their immediate family, saying the couple earned $ 800 on their YouTube channel in April 2021.

While studying law, Derrick counted on a part-time job … including as a driver at Grubhub, where he earned $ 800 a month.

Jill and Derrick are waiting for their third the son will join seven-year-old Israel and four-year-old Sam.

However, they claim that these days they can hardly afford to feed their current family.

“Our neighbors sometimes bring boxes of food,” Dillard said last May. “And I also got food through the pantry on campus.”

In the past, Jill and Derrick have been honest about not receiving any compensation for the time spent on “Counting on”.

People magazine previously reported that Jim Bob was responsible for the money earned by all of his children from Counting On, reporting that they received between $ 25,000 and $ 45,000 per episode.

Jill and Derrick, who debuted in the series in 2015, said they didn’t get it any money from the series until they stopped in 2017.

“Then we hired a lawyer and finally got back some of the money. It was a process, ”Jill told the publication a few months ago.

“Probably, the result was a little more than the minimum wage. But we were able to restore at least something. “

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