Terrible words of a mother whose 3-year-old daughter died “as a result of exorcism committed by her grandfather to rid her of evil spirits”

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YOUTUBER, whose daughter died as a result of an alleged exorcism, said “this is what is” in a horrific music video that discussed the tragedy.

Three-year-old Swing Naomi Proctor died last September, and Claudia Hernandez’s mother is accused of squeezing her neck and depriving her of food.


Claudia Hernandez, whose daughter died in an alleged exorcism, said terribly: “This is what there is” in a video on YouTube, which discusses the tragedyCredit: YouTube

Her grandfather, who allegedly conducted an exorcism at a church in San Jose, California, described the ritual as an attempt to “free” the child from evil spirits. Mercury News reported.

He called the child’s death “God’s Will.” It is unknown why the so-called exorcism took place.

Areli’s grandfather and uncle are accused of holding the baby. No charges have been filed.

Hernandez was arrested and charged with assaulting a child that led to his death in January, months after the alleged exorcist took place.

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A few days before she was arrested, she told viewers about herself YouTube channel: “I could sit here and be negative … sad about the whole situation that she passed away.

“But it doesn’t seem to make sense because that’s what there is. These are many reasons why God took her away. What if something happened to her, what if she got sick?

“This is what there is. I have to be positive about the situation. You know at least she doesn’t suffer.

“That’s what I’m grateful for, that she won’t grow up in the world like the world we live in.”

Court records show Hernandez told police she believed her daughter was obsessed on Sept. 23.

She believed Swing was “possessed by a demon,” according to testimony under oath seen A daily beast.

Swing “periodically woke up and screamed,” – said in legal documents.

Hernandez and her brother gathered that night and began praying for Swing while the child was allegedly deprived of food.

Court documents show that Swing was taken to the church Iglesia Evangelica Apostoles y Profetas on September 24 before the alleged exorcism.

She reportedly told staff she was trying to stick a finger in her daughter’s throat.

She also allegedly squeezed Swing’s neck before the baby fell asleep.

The testimony said: “The victim fell several times [Hernandez] pressed her hand to her throat.

Court documents show that Hernandez told officers she was holding her daughter by the neck to help her lose her temper.

She believed Swing died about 12 hours after they first arrived at the church.

The court documents say: “The last time the victim ate was on Thursday, September 23, at about 9 p.m.

“Reject Demons”

“The victim was given about 6 ounces of water from Thursday until her death.”

Areli’s grandfather told Mercury News that he thought she had died because of so-called exorcism.

He said, “If you read the Bible, you will see that Jesus casts out demons and heals the sick again.”

Doctors found Swing lying on the floor, and investigators claimed there was “no effort” to resuscitate her.

Police found that Swing had bruises around his eyes, neck, throat and chest.

The cause of death of Swing was recognized as murder as a result of asphyxia due to suffocation.

The church operated from the basement of homeowner Santiago Garcia.

He was “busy” when police raided the neighborhood, unaware of the alleged exorcism.

He told Mercury News: “Grandpa told me they were praying and they think that by praying, the Holy Spirit will come and save her.

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“Mom said she was trying to squeeze her body to bring out the demons. I can’t believe she did that. It’s very awful. Very, very awful. “

Investigations are ongoing.

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