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How many more Los Angeles city officials will end up on trial? – Click Telegram

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We must have missed the announcement, but apparently the Los Angeles City Council has been sold to Court TV.

That’s as good an explanation for the wall-to-wall stories of court dates, guilty pleas, search warrants and indictments. Every day something different, and if you try to change the channel, it’s as if all the buttons on the remote control are broken. There is no escape.

Well, there’s always the U-Haul getaway that more and more Los Angeles residents are finding appealing.

If you’re sticking around, here’s a quick recap of the courtroom footage.

Former City Councilman Jose Huizar is set to go on trial in February. He faces racketeering and bribery charges, accused of operating a pay-to-play scheme in which he agreed to accept $1.5 million in bribes from real estate developers in exchange for a little help getting projects approved. He pleaded not guilty.

Wiser’s life got complicated last week when his older brother, Salvador Wiser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about receiving envelopes of cash from his brother. The then councilor is believed to have given his brother cash and asked him to write a check for the same amount from his checking account.

Salvador Huizar has agreed to testify at his brother’s corruption trial.

Earlier court documents in the Wiser case referred to Salvador Wiser as “relative of A-3,” but now that he has pleaded guilty, his identity cannot be withheld. Other court filings mention female relatives identified in news reports as Jose Huizar’s mother, Isidra Huizar, and his wife, Richelle Huizar.

If you think your family should hide the sharp knives on Thanksgiving, just imagine dinner with Huizars.

Salvador Huizar is also due to testify in the trial now underway of Shen Zhen New World I, owned by fugitive developer Wei Huang, who is accused of paying bribes to Jose Huizar in exchange for votes favoring his project.

The federal prosecutor’s office has already issued an indictment in the case of developer Dae Yeon Lee and his company. In June, Lee was found guilty of bribery and related charges related to a $500,000 payment to Jose Huizar.

Set your dash cam for February, because former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan is on trial along with the former councilman. He was accused of racketeering. There are not enough hours in the day to see it all.

This investigation into Jose Huizar has been going on for six years, and several guilty pleas have already been obtained. We do not know how many people are cooperating with the investigation, but after the recording of the conversation between three members of the city council and the leader of the workers, which was leaked, it can be assumed that everyone has something on everyone, and no one will go to prison without first releasing it all.

In a separate case that may need its own court TV show, Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas is scheduled to go on trial on Nov. 15. He is accused in a federal corruption case related to his work as a Los Angeles County executive. After he was indicted, his fellow city council members voted to suspend him, which he said was illegal because he was accused of alleged actions as a supervisor, not a council member.

Debating ethics in Los Angeles is like arguing about how many crooks can dance on a pole.

Ridley-Thomas is accused of conspiring with the former dean of USC’s School of Social Work to secure a scholarship, graduate school and teaching position for her son in exchange for a lucrative county contract for USC. Ridley-Thomas has pleaded not guilty to charges that include conspiracy and bribery.

In what could be a problem for him, a former USC dean, Marilyn Louise Flynn, pleaded guilty to bribery in the case.

Can a disbarred public official avoid being convicted of bribery even if the person accused of bribery pleads guilty?

How about Thanksgiving at Huizars?

Tune in to Los Angeles Govt. It’s a thrill in a minute.

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