Jack Herer Semyon [Weed Strain Info]: THC Levels, Genetics, Effects + Where to Buy

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Jack Herer seeds are some of the most famous buds on the planet and provide an energetic high that’s perfect when you need a little extra chic.

This strain is named after legendary cannabis activist Jack Guerrero. He became synonymous with the struggle for decriminalization of cannabis and legalization after writing The emperor wears no clothes in 1985.

Jack Herrer is a delicious and perennially popular sativa-dominant hybrid developed by Sensi Seeds in 1980s or 1990s. The marijuana strain has passed on its genetics and part of its name to crossbred varieties such as Jack the Ripper, Jack the Cleaner, and Jack Skellington.

The exact genetic recipe is guarded, but Jack Herer is considered a hybrid Sativa Haze, Northern lights 5and Shiva Skunk.

What strain is Jack Herer? Quick information

Jack Herer has become popular among medical and recreational cannabis users due to its pleasant aroma and complex effects. In addition, he won no less than 9 cups of cannabis.

Jack Herer, also known as “JH”, “The Jack”, “Premium Jack” and “Platinum Jack”, has become as famous as its namesake, marijuana activist and author Jack Herer, thanks to its Sativa dominance.

In order to offer both cerebral effects and heavy resin productionSensi Seeds combined the Haze hybrid with Northern Lights 5 and Shiva Skunk Cross to create Jack Herer.

Due to the diverse genetic makeup, there are many different varieties of Jack Herer. But the people who use it 55% Sativa The hybrid variety of cannabis is often said to make them feel happy, clear creative.

Jack Herer was created in Netherlands in the mid-1990s, and Dutch pharmacies later distributed it as a recognized medical strain.

He won many awards for quality and potency ever since, and many tokers around the world swear by its pungent, pine-scented variety.

The Jack Herer weed variety does particularly well in a sunny or Mediterranean environment, and houseplant growers need to wait 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower.

What strain is Jack Guerre?

As quickly mentioned above, Jack Herer is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid. It has 50-60% Sativa genetics depending on the seed breeder.

Bound marijuana seeds

Jack Herer Weed Seeds – Growing Information

Growing Jack Herrera outdoors is only possible if you live in a Mediterranean Sea-like climate that maintains daytime temperatures between 72 and 80℉.

Because Jack Herrero’s strain can reach 8 feet in certain conditions, indoor growers should control its height by mulching it as soon as possible after the plants are established.

With proper care, Jack Herer weed can produce good yields 18 oz per square meter in the room. In addition, growing Jack Herrera outdoors can yield up to 25 oz on the plant.

The plant accepts 10 weeks to flower, which means it is ready to harvest in late September or early October.

Jack Herrera flowers are not particularly attractive: they form light green leaves dense buds are more elongated than rounded. This plant has a large number of trichomes, so it is very sticky.

Typical uses of the Jack Herer cannabis strain

Jack Herrer is great”wake up and bake»Strain marijuana to enjoy in the morning.

When it comes to potential medical benefits, many users have found relief from migraines, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Although not particularly high in CBD, the Jack Herer strain can also provide relief from chronic pain. However, those who have trouble sleeping should not use this strain, as it is considered quite energizes even if it relaxes the body.

Where to buy Jack Herer seeds online

Interested in buying Jack Herer seeds? Here are a few reputable seed banks that stock this great Sativa strain. Please note the prices earlier any discounts.

Where to Buy Jack Herer Seeds: First Look (Before Discounts)

ILGM – Best place to buy Jack Herer seeds in the USA

There is no better place to buy Jack Herer seeds than online ILGM. The seed bank offers the best Feminized and Autoflower options with guaranteed germination and delivery.

You can get seeds in packs of 5 or 10, or if you want the best deal on seeds, choose a pack of 20.

Jack Herer feminized seeds for sale at ILGM:

  • Get 5 seeds for $89
  • Get 10 seeds for $119
  • Get 20 seeds for $189 (best value)

The site accepts credit cards, but if you’re looking for an extra level of anonymity complete with discreet shipping, you can use Bitcoinremain anonymous and even type a 10% discount..

Finally, while ILGM’s prices seem a bit higher than average, that’s because of what they offer free shipping in the US as well stable genetics (ie no weird phenotypes or plants dying unexpectedly).

Testicle – Cheap Jack Herer seeds for sale

Seedsman exists more than 2 decades and stands out from the competition with regular free promotions. If you are looking for Jack Herer seeds, you will find feminization and autoflowering options on the site cheap prices.

Feminized Jack Herer Seeds for Sale on Seedsman:

  • Get 3 seeds for $24
  • Get 5 seeds for $34
  • Get 10 seeds for $52 (best price)

And if you want to become a regular visitor, seed bank loyalty program will be worth your time.

The site offers hidden shipping, accepts bitcoins and gives 3 free seeds with orders of $30 or more and 6 free seeds with purchases of $60 or more.

Crop King seeds – Best place to buy Jack Herer seeds in Canada

In business around 20 yearsCrop King Seeds stands out from an 80% guarantee of germination and advanced quality control.

In addition to autoflowering seeds, the seed bank also sells high in CBD Jack Herrera seeds for potential medicinal benefits.

Jack Herer seeds for sale at Crop King Seeds:

  • Get 5 seeds for $65
  • Get 10 seeds for $120
  • Get 25 seeds for $240

While the discounts aren’t huge, Crop King is awarded a company based in Vancouver, Canada. Their seeds are sold in 170+ stores across the country, which gives you an idea of ​​how popular they are.

Herbies seeds – Lots of Jack Herer seeds for sale

Herbies Seeds is another viable option for Jack Herer seed lovers. The bank offers premium varieties, including Jack Herer.

The variety of Jack Herer strain options is off the charts, including autoflowering, feminizedand even regular seeds from famous breeders like Green House Seeds and Seedstockers, and only about a dozen options.

Jack Herer seeds for sale at Herbies Seeds:

  • Get 3 seeds for $25
  • Get 5 seeds for $35
  • Get 10 seeds for $65 (free piece)

The seed bank is known for giving 1 free seed for every $20 spent plus free rolling papers. If you spend more than $60, you will also receive free grinder.

The seed of the Supreme – Good place to buy Jack Herer seeds

Seed Supreme is another solid recommendation. Besides Autoflower and Feminized Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds, this seed bank also offers a CBD version like Crop King Seeds.

Feminized Jack Herer Seeds for sale at Seed Supreme:

  • Get 3 seeds for $50
  • Get 5 seeds for $68
  • Get 10 Seeds for $98 (Free Shipping)

The site is easy to navigate and works smoothly on all mobile devices. The platform accepts bitcoins and you get free shipping on $80+ orders.

Jack Herer Weed Strain Effects

Users are deep relaxed but still can focus thanks to a good balance between cerebral and physical exposure.

When you exhale, the effect hits you almost immediatelyfilling your brain with a rush of exhilarating pleasure and drive, accompanied by increased creativity and focus.

Fortunately, while the head rush is quite strong, Jack Guerrero’s tension doesn’t do make you drowsiness.

In fact, you will feel inspired to talk about anything and everything from philosophy to your favorite foods, making it a great strain for communication.

Over time or with more doses, you’ll feel more and more relaxed without being confined to the couch.

Users usually feel is stimulated but completely conscious control their actions after smoking the Jack Herer strain, which provides a double relaxation and high for the mind and body.

Jack Herrer Strain taste

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Pine
  • Sharp
  • Sweet

First of all, the taste of Jack Herrera earthy and woody, like its mother plant. However, it also has a delicate aroma with notes orange or lemon.

Many smokers consider Jack Herrero’s marijuana a smooth smoking, although this can obviously cause dry mouth (and dry eyes) if you don’t drink enough water.

When it comes to smell…

The aroma of the Jack Herer strain is not overpowering, but leaves a lingering aftertaste sharp-floral a smell that gives the impression of a potpourri.

Flowers have a deep flower bouquet with hints of orange and lemon peel when properly cured. The peppery bite is revealed when the buds open, revealing a citrus aroma.

Jack Herer strain THC level

The Jack Herer weed strain has between 15% and 24% THC content depending on the specific strain and breeder.

This means that it is a moderately strong strain of cannabis that can help deliver some much-needed highs energy and euphoria.

Reviews of Jack Herer strains from fellow growers

Curious to know what fellow growers think about Jack Herer plants? Here are some reviews from Jack Herrera.

The reviewer above says it got “excellent germination” and “tall and very tall bushy plants”. He also agrees with us that feminized cannabis seeds do frosty flowers and a wonderful aroma.

Reviews2 (3).jpg

Astrid agrees with us that this strain is pretty soft and says it gives a “nice relaxing smoke”. Good to know: JH likes to get lots of water.

Reviews3 (3).jpg

The reviewer above was surprised at how strong Jack Herer weed plants. His dog tore 2 leaves from the seedling, but it survived flourished like other plants.

Jack Herer Strain Review – Final Verdict

Jack Herer is a good companion strain due to its balanced effects between energy and relaxation.

Also, growing feminized Jack Herrera cannabis seeds is not too difficult whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

Finally, if you’re looking for a smooth smoke and mild high, this classic strain is a great choice.

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