Northern Lights Seeds [Weed Strain Info] – Effects, THC, Indica or Sativa?

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The Northern Lights weed strain is one of the the most popular strains of all time and is known for its casual nature – in effects and in growing.

But are Northern Lights powerful marijuana?

What kind of effect can you expect and how does it compare to other popular strains? In this article, we’re going to discuss why Northern Lights seeds should be at the top of your must-try list.

Northern Lights Weed Strain – Pedigree and Origin

Northern Lights Marijuana, also known as CI #5, appears Indica-dominant a hybrid that originated in 1970s around Seattle, Washington, or so the legend claims.

From there, the genetics were improved in the Netherlands, and before you know it, the Northern Lights were all over the world.

Here is a Funny fact: If oral history is to be believed, an anonymous named “Indian” gave the strain its name, no doubt inspired by the Aurora Borealis and how the strain feels like a light show in your head. He did 11 variations of the original Northern Lights strain.

Some believe that the genetics of the northern lights Afghan cannabis crossed with Thai. However, in recent years, many new hybrid strains have been made from the original northern lights.

Is Northern Lights Indica or Sativa?

​​​​​​​Although there is a lot of strain variation, even within seed banks, a strong Indica hybrid is one of the characteristics of all Northern Lights varieties. This is usual 90% Indica and thus at the top of every “best indica strain” list you find on the internet.

Northern Lights is one of the most commonly recommended strains for “intermediate” a smoker. This means that it is not too intense or too restrained. It’s powerful, easy to drive and puts you in a good mood nice experience – but one for the evening, not for the morning.

Bound hemp seeds

Northern Lights Buds – Growing Information

That’s what veterans love about Northern Lights marijuana – this almost pure strain of Indica marijuana is very easy to grow compared to other high-content plants. The plants are small to medium in size, but they grow well whether you grow them outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor cannabis does require sun and moderate temperatures, but you can also grow it indoors with slightly lower yields. You can get about 340 per square meter indoors or almost 500 g is growing in the open air, which is great for a compact plant. The time of flowering can already be in 7-8 weeks or just a little longer.

Overall, with dark green leaves, dense flowers and a citrus scent, this is a favorite strain for both beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Where can I buy Northern Lights seeds?

Want to try the classic variety but don’t know where to find Northern Lights? Here are some reputable seed banks where you can get the best strains of all time, including Northern Lights.

Below we will give you a brief overview of average prices for 5 seeds before any discounts.

Buy Northern Lights Seeds: Quick Review (Before Discounts)

ILGM – Best place to buy Northern Lights seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana is a well-known seed bank with 29,000+ positive feedback. They stock both feminized and autoflowering Northern Lights seeds with a 100% germination guarantee.

Northern Lights seeds for sale at ILGM:

While ILGM’s prices aren’t the cheapest, keep in mind what they do include free shipping to the United States and guaranteed delivery. Plus, Northern Lights feminized seeds have over 200 reviews from satisfied customers, so you know what you’re getting checked genetics.

(By the way, the seed bank is known for offering Buy 10, get 10 deals on many strains, so Northern Lights may be on sale when you read this article).

Crop King seeds – Great place to buy Northern Lights seeds in Canada

If you don’t know, Crop King Seeds has been a popular Canadian seed bank since 2005. The quality of their seeds is quite high, so they are sold in more than 170 stores across the country.

Like ILGM, Crop King sells autoflowering and feminized Northern Lights Seeds. However, they also sell regular Northern Lights Seeds.

Northern Lights Seeds for sale at Crop King Seeds:

​​​​​​​​While Crop King doesn’t do big deals, they still offer guaranteed germination, reasonable prices, and fast shipping to the US. If you need help, you can call their toll-free number 24/7.

Testicle – Cheap Northern Lights Seeds For Sale

Seedsman offers several Northern Lights varieties from a variety of seed banks and growers, including 00 Seeds, G13 Labs, Sensi Seeds, Fast Buds, and Pyramids. However, Seedsman’s own seeds are plentiful cheaperso we recommend choosing them.

You can get the Northern Lights feminized and auto-feminized seeds as well as varieties like Northern Lights XXL and Northern Lights x Skunk.

Seedsman’s Own Northern Lights Seeds For Sale:

If you are looking for it’s cheap Northern Lights Seeds, Seedsman is hard to beat. Perhaps this explains why the strain obtained 380+ reviews on the site.

Herbies seeds – Buy Northern Lights seeds from many breeders

Herbies Seeds sells Northern Lights seeds from a range of seed banks and growers, including well-known brands such as Seedstockers, Fast budsRQS and Green House Seeds.

Northern Lights Seeds for sale at Herbies Seeds:

Herbies Seeds also offers a satisfaction guaranteed on germination, as well as a free seeds with every purchase and discreet worldwide shipping.

Quebec Hemp Seeds – CBD and Fast Northern Lights seeds for sale

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has only been around since 2013 healthy seeds with optimal growth potential.

Here, you can buy feminized and autoflowering Northern Lights seeds and even special ones Quick version and also a CBD version (with a level of 9% CBD).

Northern Lights Seeds for sale at Quebec Cannabis Seeds:

The company also has a toll free number as well as a fast one 24 hour delivery politicians.

Northern lights are typical effects

Since Northern Lights is an indica-dominant strain, it’s more “downer” than the top that characterizes Sativa strains. This means that the kidneys of the northern lights produce numbness of the body effects, lazy mind and a deep relaxation which is often called body high.

While most experienced smokers say they feel happy and a pleasant feeling of relaxation, some new users may feel “locked in the couch” when smoking Northern Lights. Some users claim that the northern lights have a very strong effect soonsince within two hits you will feel the high the body is tall. As with other strains, typical effects also include dry eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite, but you shouldn’t worry.

Northern Lights Marijuana is a typical flavor

While most potent cannabis plants have a “pot smell” or “skunk smell,” connoisseurs appreciate Northern Lights for its pleasant flavor.

The Northern Lights cannabis strain has earthy aroma, with a taste that is simultaneously sweet, citrus and spicy. Many say that this strange variety tastes similar pine tree or mountain grass, speckled lime. The earthy scent isn’t particularly harsh, which you might appreciate if the smell is hard to take.

Northern Lights strain – THC levels

THC levels in Northern Lights strains can actually vary widely, unlike the Indica-Sativa balance. Some strains can have a good more than 20%, while others stop around 18% THC or even less. Be aware that the mild indica that most users speak fondly of may differ from the higher THC variations.

Compared to Gelato or even Grandaddy Purple, which have higher THC levels, you’ll definitely notice how this amazing strain keeps things going soft and relaxing.

Northern lights hemp is a typical use

The high Indica content of the Northern Lights strain explains why it is commonly prescribed as medicinal marijuana. Medical patients claim it helps with depression, anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, and more. Even among recreational users, many say that after trying the Northern Lights variety, they get a great night’s sleep.

High Indica strains tend to alter the physical processes in your body, slowing down the process so that the pain is not felt as much. Others have said it helps with other chronic pain conditions such as migraines, PMS, arthritis, hypertension symptoms, eating disorders, and muscle spasms.

The fast-acting “two puff” nature of the Northern Lights strain can also make it ideal for those in need stress relief or even mood stabilizers.

Northern Lights strain reviews

When it comes to cannabis seeds, the Northern Lights variety gets some of the best reviews on the internet. See what some people are saying:


The reviewer above says he is tried many strains which are believed to have a higher THC content none hit him like the northern lights. As he puts it, Northern Lights is an “oldie but a goodie” and it does not disappoint.


Remember how we told you earlier that the Northern Lights are very easy to grow? Well, according to Roger, it’s basically “grows by itself.” Literally.


Again, Ted says Northern Lights are very easy to grow. Also, if you get it from ILGM you can expect a lot stable genetics which will withstand several errors.

Final thoughts: Northern Lights is one of the best Indica strains out there – especially if you want to experience the potential medical benefits. It can help with chronic pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia while providing a good body. Also, it has a short flowering time, so you don’t have to wait too long.

Why not order your own Northern Lights strain and see for yourself how it feels?

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