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Russian Missile Strike Kills 28, Strikes Children’s Hospital

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A significant missile attack by Russia across Ukraine resulted in the deaths of at least 28 people and injuries to nearly 100 on Monday, officials reported. Among the targets was a large children’s hospital in the capital city of Kyiv, where emergency crews worked tirelessly to rescue casualties from the rubble.

The Russian barrage, which occurred during daylight hours, involved over 40 missiles of various types targeting five Ukrainian cities. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attacks, emphasizing the destructive impact on residential buildings and public infrastructure.

In Kryvyi Rih, Zelenskyy’s birthplace in central Ukraine, a massive missile strike claimed the lives of 10 people and injured 47, according to city administration head Oleksandr Vilkul. In Kyiv, seven people were reported killed in separate strikes.

Zelenskyy took to social media to highlight the severity of the situation, urging the international community not to remain silent in the face of Russia’s actions.

The attack on the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv resulted in a partial collapse of a two-story wing, leading to injuries for at least 16 people, including seven children. The main 10-story building also suffered significant damage, with shattered windows, blackened walls, and blood-stained floors in several rooms. Critical departments such as the intensive care unit and oncology ward were among those affected.

Rescue efforts at the hospital involved local volunteers and medical personnel, who worked amidst the debris and smoke to locate and evacuate patients. The severity of the attack forced the hospital to close temporarily, prompting scenes of distraught parents carrying their children away from the site.

Amidst ongoing air raid sirens, mothers rushed with their children to seek shelter, navigating through dark corridors with the help of volunteers. The tense atmosphere was further exacerbated by the uncertainty and fear among patients and their families.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed the strikes targeted Ukrainian defense facilities and military bases, asserting their success while denying allegations of deliberately targeting civilian sites. They suggested that the damage visible in Kyiv was possibly caused by Ukrainian air defense responses.

The strikes on Kyiv marked the heaviest bombardment by Russia on the Ukrainian capital in nearly four months, impacting seven of the city’s districts and resulting in additional casualties and significant damage to residential and infrastructure facilities.

Throughout the day, Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, among Russia’s most advanced weapons, were reportedly used in the attacks. These missiles, known for their speed and difficulty in interception, contributed to the widespread destruction and disruption in the targeted areas.

The Ukrainian authorities and international observers continue to document the aftermath of these attacks, emphasizing the need for urgent humanitarian assistance and diplomatic intervention to address the escalating crisis.

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