Sour Diesel Seeds – Weed Strain Information (Best Prices & Deals 2023)

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Sour diesel is the word weed is to buzz with The reason? This is a powerful hybrid strain that gives you a powerful buzzing along with a bunch of other useful effects.

However, you’ll need a map to get to this magical place. Therefore, we present our Sour Diesel (also known as ‘Sour Deez” and ‘Sour D’) review as a guide.

In it you will find key information about beneficial effects sour diesel fuel, art best growing practicesand places from where it can be obtained.

In addition to stressing p strong THCSour Diesel comes with CBN and CBD that are preserved during extraction, making this product truly unique.

​​​​​​While these added chemicals do not alter the basic effects of Sour Diesel, they provide different intensities that give Sour Diesel its proper recognition character.

So if you are looking for a potent a surge of energy, look no further than Sour Diesel. This almost pure sativa will shake up your tired brain, and in a good way.

About the Sour Diesel strain – a brief overview

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Chemdawg and an unnamed Sativa for a powerful high.

Also, Sour Diesel’s parentage is a bit of a mystery. It is considered to be manufactured unintentionally from strains in the Chemdawg and OG Kush lines.

Most people refer to the original breeder AJbut the real man remains largely unknown.

However, since the early 1990s, Sour Diesel has been known for its rapid rise in popularity.

The effects of Sour Diesel have been described as energetic, intelligent, quick and dreamy.

In terms of medical effects, patients claim to use Sour Diesel for symptom relief depression, pain and stress.

Sour Diesel is said to grow best in dry, open climates. It also takes 77 days to flower.

Now let’s see what else you need to know about Sour Diesel in more detail.

Bound weed seeds

Sour Diesel strain cultivation information

According to online sources, Sour Diesel marijuana seeds are considered to be high in indoor and outdoor cultivation, producing round sticky medium sized plants. The flowering period is 42-56 days.

Sour Diesel plants grow on long stems, forming a cluster of shiny buds around light green tufts and giving off a pungent aroma.

In terms of visual effects, you can tell that Sour D will turn your weedy garden into a skunk and citrus flower bomb. Another reason to grow Sour Diesel feminized seeds as soon as possible.

As with most Sativa dominant strains, growing outdoors is more hands-off, while growing indoors requires circumcision and filling. However, it is still easy to grow.

Where can I buy Sour Diesel seeds?

Let’s take a look at the best seed banks that sell Sour Diesel seeds.

Where to Buy Sour Diesel Seeds – First Look

*Prices above do not include discounts, so current rates may be lower.

ILGM – The best weed seed bank in the US

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) is the best place to buy Sour Diesel cannabis seeds. The platform offers car and sour diesel feminized seeds, and they are at the absolute top of the heap.

At ILGM, you can not only buy high-quality seeds, but grow kits your Sour Diesel plants are also available.

However, what makes ILGM unique is its online community; it is one of the best in the field of marijuana cultivation and provides its users with many useful resources.

Sour Diesel Seeds for Sale at ILGM:

If you are a beginner, Sour D 5 and 10 packs are the best option for you. However, if you want more seeds in a lower price per seedbuy a pack of 25 pcs.

If you’re looking for extra anonymity, so is the bank accepts Bitcoin. You will be able to hide your identity and get a 10% discount.

ILGM Sour Diesel feminized seeds

  • THC: up to 20%
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Productivity: 5 to 15 oz

Testicle – Great seed bank to get free seeds

Seedsman offers one of the best deals on feminized Sour Diesel seeds online. You can grab a variety of packs, including 3, 5 and 10 packs.

In business for more than two decades, the company is known for giving back free seeds on a regular basis.

Sour Diesel Seeds for sale at Seedsman:

If you want to become a regular customer of this startup bank, signing up for their loyalty program will be worth your while.

The start-up bank offers anonymous delivery, accepts payments in Bitcoin, and often secures free seeds in 5+1 deals and similar actions.

Feminized Seedsman Sour Diesel

  • THC: 15-20%
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Flowering time: 10 weeks max
  • Productivity: 400-450

Crop King seeds – Famous Canadian seed bank

Crop King Seeds contains autoflowering and feminized Sour Diesel seeds. Or if you feel like taking a wild ride, check out the Super Sour Diesel option!

The bank is it awarded a company from Vancouver, Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen, this is the perfect business for you! Not only do they accept Bitcoin, they also accept Interac.

Sour Diesel Seeds for Sale at Crop King Seeds:

Crop King Seeds breed the highest grade feminized Sour Diesel seeds for 20 years and offers a great germination guarantee – ensuring that only the world’s best seeds reach your doorstep.

Crop King’s Sour Diesel feminized seeds

  • THC: 18.5%
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering time: 9 weeks
  • Productivity: 300g to 400g

Herbies seeds – Cheap sour diesel seeds

If you’re looking for Sour Diesel marijuana seeds, Herbies is a great one-stop shop. You can find the classic version, feminized seeds, auto and more.

The bank also offers users regular transactions, including 4 free seeds when you buy a pack of 10. Another option is a 5+2 boost.

Sour Diesel seeds for sale at Herbies

And if you’re looking for premium seeds, this site has a wide variety of options.

For advanced florists can also be found ordinary seeds here (if you need male plants to create different breeds).

Herbie’s Sour Diesel Seeds

  • THC: 19%
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Flowering time: 10-11 week
  • Productivity: 475-525

The seed of the Supreme – Frequent offers including free shipping

Finally, Seed Supreme is a good place to buy Sour Diesel seeds because of what they offer frequent transactions in addition to free US shipping on orders over $90.

The highest prices for seeds

The site is designed in such a way that anyone can easily find what they are looking for, no matter how tech savvy they are.

It also accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Feminized seeds of Seed Supreme Sour Diesel

  • THC: 20%
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Flowering time: 10-12 weeks
  • Productivity: 18 ounces per square meter

Sour Diesel Seeds – Everything You Need To Know

Sour Diesel Strain Effects

Users of the Sour D strain typically describe its effect as promoting creativity and a sense of motivation combined with a surge of cerebral energy.

This is also commonly found with Sour Diesel derivative strains including East Coast Sour D.

If you want to start your day strong right from the start, Sour Diesel can be it in filter for you.

Bonus: provides mental stimulation without making you smell skunk. Yes, Sour Diesel is a friend of prudence and jobs.

This also means that you can more easily grow Sour Diesel outdoors.

Also, Smoking Sour Diesel won’t block the couch or anything like that heavy feeling Instead, you can count on mental alertness with the door wide open to pure creativity.

Sour diesel taste

The Sour Diesel strain lives up to its name by emitting a pungent cloud of skunk smoke.

In terms of olfactory pleasures, Sour Diesel has been described as earthy, herbal and fizzy.

Now, this connection with diesel gas is hardly unfounded. Yes, it smells like diesel fuel sprayed on an orchard, but in a good the way

Add to that a thick lemony mist that slowly envelops you as you enjoy your leisure time with the feminized seeds of Sour Diesel.

With Sour Diesel marijuana seeds, all of these flavors will be present linger in the mouth for quite some time after the session.

Sour diesel THC content

The Sour Diesel Sativa strain produces strong brain activity, which most reviewers report increasing creativity and energy.

The THC content acid D usually goes on about 17%but these values ​​are known to reach 25%.

Sour diesel fuel. Registered use

We’re not here to give you professional medical advice, but Sour D users are reporting some beneficial effects of the Sour Diesel strain.

First, those who suffer from anxiety and depression can expect relief by drawing on the psychic energy of Sour Diesel.

His high THC content gets consumers moving and moving, and the brain electrifying sensations don’t hurt either.

Sour Diesel plants reportedly can too fight fatigue and whet the appetite.

Although Sour Diesel contains indica, it is not the best strain for treating insomnia and other similar ailments because of its stimulating and cheerful head high.

On the other hand, people can start their day by smoking Sour Diesel to get a head start due to its effervescent fuel.

In short, if you are looking for a daily smoke that gives you high spiritsSour Diesel feminized seeds are a good option.

Sour Diesel Seeds – Final Verdict

Sour Diesel feminized seeds are a great stepping stone to a stress-free start to your day. This is a powerful a strain with a high rise based on a high THC content (up to 26%), combined with a beneficial medical effect that can affect depression, lack of appetite and lethargy.

In terms of dominant aromas, Sour Diesel is a heavy, fizzy, hot, sour and pungent strain of weed.

If you feel sluggish in the morning, this will push you to be better in terms of creativity and quick thinking.

So, are you ready to grow Sour Diesel?

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Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice.

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