Take advantage of the big gains in the oil and gas market with Mineral Power Stock

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There are different ways to find profit in the energy sector.

You can buy traditional energy companies such as utilities or oil companies.

Or you can think outside the box.

I have another way to capitalize on the upswing in the energy sector and get good dividends while doing so.

In today’s episode The Stock Power Podcasti share a 95 rated Power Stock that does not extract oil and gas, but collects money from what is extracted from the ground.

And it’s on its way to profit thanks to its unique position.

Oil and gas royalty market

Instead of investing in companies steeped in high mining costs, there is another way to profit: oil and gas companies that pay royalties.

These royalty companies own the rights to the property (what’s underneath is more important) and get paid for how much they pull out of the ground.

Because these companies are not exposed to the risk of increased mining costs such as equipment and labor, they benefit from mining.

Using our Stock Power Ratings system, I found a company that owns royalties on some of the richest oil and gas producing land in the US:

  • This earns “Strong Growth” 95 out of 100 in our stock power rating system!
  • In the last quarter, the company received record revenues from royalties.
  • The stock is trading just 12.5% ​​off its 52-week high.

Let’s see why this company expects more success in the future.

Oil and gas consumption continues to grow

It’s no secret that there’s a push for greater reliance on green energy.

This is one of the mega trends that Adam O’Dell, Charles Sizemore and I follow at Money & Markets.

Oil and gas, however, remain an important part of our energy consumption:

This chart shows actual and estimated consumption of oil and gas in the United States

In 2021, we used 58.85 quadrillion British thermal units.

The US Energy Information Administration expects consumption to increase by 20.7% by 2050!

In this episode v The Stock Power PodcastI’m going to share a way to play this rally in oil and gas stocks…and bring home a tidy dividend at the same time.

The stocks I’m about to share earn a 95 in general rating!

Take a listen below to find out why we expect it to excel to increase the market by 3 times during the next 12 months.

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Matt Clark, CMSA®

Research Analyst, Money and Markets

Matt Clark is a research analyst Money and markets. He is the host of our podcast, stock The Power Podcast. He is also a Certified Capital Markets and Securities Analyst of the Institute of Corporate Finance. Before joining the team, he spent 25 years as an investigative reporter and editor, covering everything from politics to business.

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