The Mexican prosecutor’s office has issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in the murder of Shankela Robinson

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In Mexico, an arrest warrant has been issued and extradition proceedings have begun for the suspect in the murder of 25-year-old Shankela Robinson.

Robinson, a North Carolina resident, is believed to have been beaten to death while vacationing with a group of six people in Cabo on October 28.

It turns out that the suspect in the crime was a friend of Robinson. The suspect was not named in the warrant.

In an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Baja California Sur prosecutor Daniel de by Rosa Anaya said, “We are doing all the necessary procedures such as Interpol warning and request for extradition to the United States of America.”

Anaya added, “It’s about two Americans, the victim and the perpetrator.”

Immediately after Robinson’s death, her friends told her family that she had died of alcohol poisoning, a story that quickly fell apart under scrutiny.

The prosecutor in the case also said: “This case is fully investigated, we even have a court order, we have an arrest warrant issued for the crime of murdering a woman to the detriment of the victim, and for the alleged perpetrator, her friend, who is a direct aggressor”.

At one point, Robinson began to have a seizure as Dr. Gutierrez tended to her. The convulsions lasted less than a minute. Later, after Dr. Gutierrez lost Robinson’s pulse, CPR, an AED and several shots of epinephrine were administered in an attempt to save the 25-year-old’s life.

After the news of her mother’s warrant was announced, Salamondra Robinson told ABC News, “I feel so good, it’s a good feeling. This is what we’ve been waiting for, for someone to finally take responsibility and be arrested. I just can’t wait for justice to be served.”

Earlier this week, a new report revealed that Robinson was alive within hours of paramedics arriving at their villa.

Portions of Mexican police report obtained The Charlotte Observer allegedly show that 25-year-old Shankella Robinson did not die within 15 minutes of being shot, as previously reported.

The excerpt states that a doctor who was called to the home where the group was staying was with Robinson and others in the room “for about three hours” before she was pronounced dead.

The report also indicated that the woman was unresponsive to words, at one point went into convulsions and received multiple rounds of CPR, epinephrine and AED to save her before she was pronounced dead.

Gerardo Zuniga, an investigative reporter for MetropliMx, provided parts of the Mexican police report to The Charlotte Observer after breaking the story. Zuniga received the report through a “source.”

Another major development is that the report says that the woman also suffered a cardiac arrest before her death.

Paramedics were first called to Villa Linda 32 around 2:13 p.m. on Oct. 29, and Dr. Carolina Beatriz Arnelos Gutierrez arrived on the scene an hour later.

The doctor works with American Medical Center, a local hospital in the Cabo area.

The call was reportedly made by Venter Donovan, a resident of Greensboro, North Carolina.

According to part of a Mexican police report obtained by the Charlotte Observer, a doctor was called to Villa Cabo to report an intoxicated man who needed an IV.

According to part of a Mexican police report obtained by the Charlotte Observer, a doctor was called to Villa Cabo to report an intoxicated man who needed an IV.

Donovan was one of the people friends and family confirmed was on the trip with Robinson.

Dr. Gutierrez was called to a home, a common practice in tourist areas of Mexico, to report a man who had “drank a lot of alcohol” and needed a “drip.”

The report, written in Spanish, said a doctor arrived to find “a woman” whose vital signs were stable but who appeared intoxicated and dehydrated.

The woman, now identified as Robinson, was unable to speak, the report said.

Although the doctor told friends of the 25-year-old woman that she needed to be transferred to hospital, the group insisted that the woman be treated at their villa.

Upon arriving at the villa, Dr. Carolina Beatriz Arnelos Gutierrez found a

Upon arriving at the villa, Dr. Carolina Beatriz Arnelos Gutierrez found a “female” who appeared to be intoxicated and dehydrated

According to a portion of the report obtained by a North Carolina news agency, Dr. Gutierrez attempted an IV but was unsuccessful.

Robinson also began convulsing at some point about an hour after the doctor arrived, and the convulsions lasted less than one minute.

“At that point, a friend of the patient, identified as Venter Donovan, called 911 to request an ambulance,” interpreted The Observer’s report.

The 911 call was made around 4:20 p.m., more than two hours after Robinson’s friends first called for help.

“Meanwhile, the patient was having labored breathing and a low heart rate, and they gave her rescue breaths,” the report said.

Shankella Robinson, 25, was alive for hours in the villa she and her friends were staying at in Cabo

Shankella Robinson, 25, was alive for hours in the villa she and her friends were staying at in Cabo

CPR was performed at 4:49 p.m. This rescue tactic began after Gutierrez stopped detecting a pulse.

Police arrived at 5.25pm ​​and spoke to Dr Gutierrez before paramedics arrived and administered “14 rounds of CPR, five doses of epinephrine and six shocks (AED shocks)” to no avail.

Robinson was officially pronounced dead at 5:57 p.m. by a doctor at the scene.

The report said a “cardiopulmonary arrest” and a “deceased person” were brought to the villa.

The news comes days after a new video of Robinson joking and laughing with friends in the hours before her death surfaced online.

In the video he shared neighborhood talk, a North Carolina woman can be heard joking about her friends taking too long to gather at the villa at the Fundadores Beach Club.

“It won’t take long to get dressed. where are you all Robinson jokes in a video of her walking around the San Jose del Cabo resort.

Robinson, who later suffered a broken neck and a severed spine, walks around Villa Linda room 32 before entering to join several women debating which swimsuits to wear.

The video, posted on Friday, has garnered nearly 90,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Dozens of commenters pointed to her friends’ reactions when she walked into the room as a possible sign of what was to come.

“They were talking about her there! Body language says it all,” said one man.

“This story breaks my heart. Imagine going on vacation just trying to enjoy life and ending up on death row,” one person wrote.

“Wowwww this is sad. You can tell they had a problem with her. And she probably didn’t say anything because she was writing it down, said another.

Robinson was part of a group that traveled from Charlotte to Cabo on Oct. 28 and rented a villa to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

The 25-year-old was found dead a day later in their room.

Robinson’s mother, Salamondra, said her daughter’s friends initially called her to say she had died of alcohol poisoning.

“My heart was just blown to pieces,” her mom said. “Shankela was my heart.”

“I got a call on Saturday night saying Shankela wasn’t feeling well,” she said, but added that she quickly realized there was something else to the story.

“By the time we questioned each of them, and each of them gave us different statements,” she told GMA on Friday.

“I didn’t believe them because before they even got back to Charlotte … someone had already called us and said that someone had been fighting her there,” she added.

She also said Shankwela was with a man her mum knew “very well” and had hoped he would look after her daughter but “it wasn’t the case”.

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