The San Diego and State Election Guide to the June 7 primary

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Pollsters were collecting ballots at the San Diego County Registry.  Photo by Chris Stone
Pollsters are collecting ballots at the San Diego County Registry in 2020. Photo by Chris Stone

The ballot for the June 7 primary in San Diego County is short, and several important local races do not require primaries or even unprecedented and are therefore not included in the vote.

Controversial, high-profile races include races for the Attorney General, the Comptroller General, the Sheriff of San Diego County and the Mayor of Chula Vista.

Among the races you will not see is the district attorney, where he holds office Summer Stefan does not resistand three more district races where there are only two candidates: the head in district 5, the treasurer-tax collector and the appraiser / registrar / clerk.

This will be the third nationwide election to be held as part of the changes since COVID. This means that every registered voter should already have a ballot paper by mail, and personal voting is limited to polling stations, many of which will open as early as May 28.

Unlike primaries in many other states where Donald Trump has backed his support, the former president has ignored candidates in America’s most populous state.

The governor

Just six months ago the governor. Gavin Newsom easily won the recall election. He is now re-elected for a second four-year term as governor.

He faces 25 contenders, only one of whom is a Republican state senator. Brian Dale, a farmer from Lasen County in the far north, is well known politically. Republicans are on the ballot, among others Jenny Re Le Rouxa management consultant and entrepreneur living on a farm in Reading, and Michael Schellenbergera conservative independent who advocates mandatory drug treatment for the homeless.

Other government agencies

Democratic leaders in most other state cabinets face only symbolic contenders from Republicans. This includes the lieutenant governor Helen KunalakisSecretary of State Shirley Weber of San Diego and the Treasurer Fiona Ma.

Anne Marie Schubert

The Republican Party has not held office in the state for 16 years, but the Conservatives are hoping to race for the Attorney General with the Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubertformer Republican and former Los Angeles Attorney Nathan Hochman hopes to remove Rob Bont.

Newsom appointed Bont, the leader of the criminal justice reform movement in the legislature, when Xavier Besser joined the Biden administration. Schubert, who persecuted the infamous The killer of Golden Stateadopts a more traditional approach to criminal liability.

In two races, the controller and the commissioner for insurance, the fight is between Democrats. In the first, the acting insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara faces the East Mark Levin from Marin County. Levin accuses Lara of being too comfortable with the industry he regulates, while Lara objects that he forced insurers to continue covering after devastating forest fires.

Ron Halperin

The second is for the controller. Among the contenders is a state senator. Steve Glaser from the Bay Area, Los Angeles City Comptroller Ron Halperinchairman of the State Equalization Council Malia Cohen and former mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yuwho bypassed everyone in the race.

Glaser promotes her expertise in the legislature, while Halperin emphasizes her work as a supervisor in the state’s largest city, Cohen supports her Democratic Party and Yu supports her expertise in business and finance. There is one Republican on the ballot, a Stanford University professor and CNN commentator Lanhi Chen.

US Senate

If you like the work assigned by sen. Alexey Padila You can vote for him twice – once to fill the remaining term of Kamala Harris, whose successor he was appointed, and again for a full six-year term, starting on January 3, 2023. Newsom then appointed Secretary of State Padilla in January 2021 as Vice President Harris became Vice President, but June 7 – the first general election since. Padilla, an engineer trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has turned to politics, has a number of contenders for both votes, including a Republican Attorney activist Mark Mazer.

House of Representatives

For many San Diego voters, the biggest difference in the ballots will be the names given to U.S. officials. Thanks to the relocation of the district after the 2020 census, many voters will find various incumbent leaders.

Mike Levin

Rep. Mike Levin, a Democrat, is vying for a third term in the 49th constituency. The county extends to the historically Republican Orange County, and this party is keen to bring it back. So the real battle is over who will face Levin in November.

Among the contenders is the former mayor of San Juan Capistrano Brian Marriottwho challenged Levin in 2020, the head of Orange County Lisa Bartlett and Oceanside City Councilor Christopher Rodriguez.

Three other members of Congress from the Democratic Party, representing San Diego County – Rep. Scott Peters in the 50th district of the Republic. Sarah Jacobs in the 51st district and the rep. Juan Vargas in the 52nd constituency face only the topic of opposition to the re-election.

The same goes for rep. Darrell Isathe only Republican of the local delegation, in the 48th constituency of the Eastern District.

State Senate

The new 18th district stretches from Chula Vista along the border through the Imperial District and then in an anti-clockwise arc through parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Member of the Chula-Vista City Council and Chairman of the Coastal Commission Steve Padilla faces only the symbolic Republican opposition in its first application for state election.

In the 32nd arrondissement, which stretches from Julian and Barrego Springs to Riverside and part of Orange County, a member of the Republican Assembly Kelly Seyart seeks to advance to the Senate. After a career as a firefighter, Seirta entered politics in Murietta, becoming mayor of a fast-growing city.

Catherine Blakespeare

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespeare seeks its first public office in the 38th arrondissement, which stretches along the coast from Mission Bay to the south of Orange County. Blakespeare has been actively involved in environmental and transport affairs and is currently chairing SANDAG. She faces a Republican political novice Matt Handersonwho owns car dealerships in Orange County.

In the 40th district, which covers most of the eastern and northern districts, s. Brian Jones running for a second term. Jones, a Republican from Santi, faces a Democrat Joseph Rochewhose previous call to representative Darrell Ise was thwarted by the redistribution of the district.

State Assembly

Marie Waldron

Democratic leaders Tasha Berner Gorvat in the 77th district, Chris Ward in the 78th constituency and newly elected Aquila Weber in the 79th constituency face only symbolic opposition. But in the 75th and 76th constituencies, the battles of Republicans and Republicans deserve attention.

Redistribution put acting Marie Waldron and Randy Voepl in the same constituency, 75th, only a symbolic democratic opposition. Walden is a business owner from Escandide and a former Republican leader in the Assembly. Voeple is a veteran of the Navy and a longtime conservative voice with Santee.

In the 76th constituency, the struggle is between republican political newcomers June cutter and Christy Bruce Lane to hold a second round of general elections with the incumbent President of the Democratic Party Brian Mayensteinhimself a former Republican who changed parties during Donald Trump’s presidency.

David Alvarez

The situation in the 80th constituency is similar to Senator Alex Padilla. Former San Diego City Council deputies David Alvarez and Georgette Gomez are in the second round on the remaining powers of Lorena Gonzalez, who resigned in January. They also face other candidates for full term. It is a competition between the various future Democrats in South Bay County, where Gomez represents the party’s progressive wing and Alvarez represents the party’s more traditional positions.

Supreme Court

There are three positions of judges of the Supreme Court on the ballot paper. For Office 32, Penny K. McLaughlina court commissioner rated as “exceptionally well qualified”. San Diego County Bar Association and works without counteraction.

At Office 35, Deputy Public Defender Michael J. Fleming and assist. U.S. Attorney. Rebecca Canter both are rated “well qualified”. For office 36, prosecutor Pete Murrayretired naval pilot, received a grade of “well qualified”.

Head of Public Education

Head of Public Training Tony K. Thurmondan educator and former trustee of a school board from the Bay Area, is running for a second term in an officially non-partisan office and faces only symbolic opposition.

Shana Hazan

United School District of San Diego

Political novice Shana Hazan received broad support In his campaign to represent the county, B. Khazan is a former teacher and head of a nonprofit organization that is a member of the First 5 California Commission.

Supervisory Board

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who was the county’s face in response to the coronavirus pandemic and heads the Supervisory Board, will be re-elected to constituency 4. Fletcher is a Marine combat veteran and former MP. The position is non-partisan, but Fletcher is a Democrat. He faces symbolic republican opposition Amy Reichertwhose organization ReOpen San Diego fought to contain the virus.

San Diego County Sheriff

Kelly Martinez

Sheriff Kelly Martinez, the second head of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, has the support of former Sheriff Bill Gore, who served three terms, as well as most of the political establishment, including four of the county’s five heads. If elected, she will become the county’s first female sheriff.

The main contender is a retired sheriff’s commander Dave Myers, who ran unsuccessfully in 2018 but is backed by the San Diego County Democratic Party and five members of the San Diego City Council. Myers is working on a platform for change in the department, which has been criticized for the unusually high number of deaths of inmates.

San Diego City Council

Acting deputies of the City Council Jen Campbell, Monica Montgomery-Steppe and Vivian Moreno may be re-elected in constituencies 2, 4 and 8, but only in the case of Campbell is there anything but symbolic opposition.

Jen Campbell

Campbell, a doctor backed by Mayor Todd Gloria and much of the Democratic establishment, has been criticized by public activists for her efforts to find a compromise on short-term leases and support the reconstruction of the dilapidated Midway area. The opposition is led by former members of the Assembly Lori Saldanha and Professor UCSD Joel Day.

District 6th place is open, with the former radio in person Tommy Huff and director of a nonprofit Kent Lee compete to succeed Chris Kate.

Chula-Vista Mayor

Perhaps the most populous candidates are the election of the mayor of the second largest city in the county. Chula Vista may play a second violin after San Diego, but the city of South Bay boasts the same population as Buffalo, and is almost as large as St. Louis.

Omar Kampa-Najar

Among the contenders for mayor Omar Kampa-Najar, who twice ran unsuccessfully in Congress against Republicans Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa; Head of Southwestern College Zaneta Encarnacion; current and former City Council deputies John McCann, Rudy Ramirez and Jill Galves; and a retired army major Spencer Cash.

Two of these candidates will meet each other in the equally high-profile second round of elections in November.

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