Amy Roloff hints at big move: Where will she live?

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now, Little people, big world fans have many questions the future of Roloff Farms.

This isn’t just a question about the future of reality TV. There is a real family involved.

But this family has grown and changed in growth over the years.

Now Amy is teasing a big move – to a bigger property. Where is she going?

Little people, big world hooray
Here we are! In this scene, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek raise a glass to their wedding.

On Sunday, October 23, Amy Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to answer a series of questions from fans.

Here, she revealed that both she and her husband, Chris Marek, don’t consider their current home a forever home.

We found out when one fan asked if Amy might “ever want to move to have more/bigger possessions.” Fair question.

Amy showed off a chic leaf flip as she responded on her Instagram story.

“Chris and I would,” she replied.

Amy then clarified that they would like to make such a move “in another couple of years.”

Amy Roloff shared this photo on Instagram to pay tribute to her husband on their anniversary.

Amy’s estimated net worth is several million dollars. She was very successful even before she sold her part of the farm.

She and Chris have options when it comes to home ownership that many people don’t. If she wants more property, she can do it.

Leaving the farm, where she raised her children, became a soulful feeling for her. Maybe it will be easier to move out of this house after a few years in it.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in the meadow

Of course, the context of Amy’s reception attracted a lot of eyeballs and comments.

Amy wrote this response just a day after – and thus on the same weekend – Matt Roloff’s announcement.

Her ex-husband said he had converted the Roloff family’s farm house into a rental.

Matt Roloff has taken his farm off the market. As you can see here, the property is now available for rent.

Remember the massive family blowup Matt caused by putting the farm up for sale? Well, he could have avoided a lot of this mess.

“A few weeks ago I promised everyone big news…so here it is…” he shared over the weekend.

“When I was putting a small part of the farm up for sale, I knew that big deals like this take a lot longer (ie 6-12 months) without guarantees,” Matt admitted.

Matt Roloff on his farm
Photo via Facebook

“What I didn’t expect was how many new business partners and networks I would make in the process,” noted Matt.

“Several interested parties were talking about different business ventures,” he recalled.

Matt detailed “like buying a small farm with a big house to use as a short term rental…think AirBnB”.

Matt revealed that iTrip Vacations will be his new business partner.

“More information coming soon,” he teased.

“But needless to say,” Matt shared, “we struggle a lot behind the scenes.”

Matt Roloff is serious
In this photo, Matt Roloff takes on a serious look. He must be thinking about something important.

Matt then added, “(plus launching a busy Pumpkin patch complex).”

All the while, he’s working “to refurbish the house so it’s ready for the first guests.”

Matt’s revelation comes just a day after the world learned he had removed a $4 million property listing. Everything is in flux. Including the real estate market … and the Roloff family.

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