Gelato Weed Strain – AKA Larry Bird (THC, Effects + Where to Buy Gelato Seeds)

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The Gelato strain of weed is of course easy to remember and is always referred to as a top seller among marijuana.

But what are its consequences? What is the smell and taste? It’s an easy strain to grow or something it is difficult?

In this article, we’ll talk about Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, and why you should try it.

Gelato Strain Information – What is Gelato? (Indica/Sativa)

Gelato is a hybrid variety that combines genetics Sherbet at sunset and Thin Mint GSC (Scout Cookies).

It is usually an equal parts strain Turkey and Sativaor with a slight dominance of indica.

The Gelato marijuana strain was produced by Cookie Fam Genetics in the San Francisco Bay Area. This 33rd Gelato phenotypes, earning him the nickname Larry Bird, as it was also the number of your (maybe second) favorite NBA player of all time.

The strain is not made for beginners, but for “smoking vet“, which built a high tolerance to THC and wants to experience something beyond average.

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Gelato strain – typical effects

emotions - GELATO seeds.jpg

The Gelato strain of marijuana is made for experienced smokers and delivers powerful high. Most smokers agree that the effect is immediate and strong cerebral high, followed by a relaxing effect.

  • Deep relaxation
  • Cerebral high
  • Euphoric
  • Creative

Is Gelato strong?

Yes, the Gelato strain is strong.

Most people say that the Gelato strain produces fast-acting and strong effects, often leaving beginners “locked on the couch”. It basically means tripping over too much excitement and sort of freezing, locked into a moment of pure bliss. You might even get a kick out of it earlier you are absolutely breathtaking, which says it all!

However, seasoned smokers know how to ride waves and enjoy the strong physical effect as well full body euphoria.

The Gelato Weed strain is typical flavors

flavors - GELATO seeds.jpg

Because the Gelato variety comes from Thin Mint and Girl Scout cookies, the sweet flavor and creaminess are subtle.

Most people say it has sharp”sweet and sour“aroma, as well as a light tone of pepper. A “creamy” flavor usually implies an aftertaste. For a first time user, this definitely smells like strong pot!

Gelato Marijuana Strain – THC Levels

While Gelato’s THC level can vary from store to store, in most cases Gelato’s marijuana has a moderately high 21% THC (although tests have shown it can be as high as 25%).

This is exactly the limit where you can comfortably feel the pleasant lifting of the head and body without hallucinations. Once you’ve passed 30%, you’re headed to Mushroom City!

Gelato Seeds – Growing Information

The Gelato strain is a veteran smoker’s plant because it not easy for growth and requires a fairly stable temperature of ca 75 degrees with wet conditions.

While a variety of cannabis can be grown in the open airwe recommend growing it indoors to provide a controlled environment – such as exposing plants to cooler temperatures just before flowering, which encourages anthocyanins.

The plant is blooming for 9 weeks or sometimes earlier, and makes a fairly small to medium sized plant. Yields are about average at 400g per plant or more under the best conditions and you will find it ready to harvest in mid-October if grown outdoors.

You will understand that the plant is growing well when you see the flavors and dense buds with fiery orange hairs, or pistils, among green leaves and dark purple hues.

Overall, Gelato is a good strain of marijuana.”balanced” a plant to grow in terms of size, indica and sativa effects, taste and aroma, and strong but not overwhelming strength.

The Gelato cannabis strain is a typical use

Some users have said that Gelato’s strong sedative effect can get rid of chronic painnausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines and even some severe pain such as muscle spasms or arthritis.

Other consumer reviews focus on the Gelato strain’s ability to alter brain chemistry, making users feel relaxedmentally stimulated and more productive.

The plant’s balance of Sativa and Indica effects gives consumers cannabis the best of both worldswithout creating an overly sluggish experience, aka an Indica dominant hybrid, or just a burst of energy, aka a Sativa.

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Where to buy gelato seeds online

Like what you learned about the Gelato strain of marijuana, aka Larry Bird? Well, here are the best places to buy Gelato seeds online.

We will tell you about 5 reputable seed banks that stock Gelato seeds and also give you the average prices for 5 seeds (before any discounts).

Gelato Seeds For Sale: A Quick Look (Before Discounts)

ILGM – The best place to buy Gelato

I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the best seed banks for new buyers as they offer a guide to growing your first plants as well as a free grower forum for discussion. In addition, ILGM sells Gelato strains feminized or autoflower varieties.

While ILGM’s prices aren’t as cheap as some of its competitors, that’s because of what they offer free shipping in the US with no minimum order value. They also offer 100% germination guaranteewhich means you get free replacements if any of your marijuana seeds fail to germinate.

Testicle – Buy Gelato seeds from many breeders

Seedsman offers Gelato seeds from a number of different seed banks including Blimburn Seeds, Lineage Genetics and Green House Seed Company.

This means you can get a Gelato strain like any other autoflower or feminized hemp seeds as well as other varieties of gelato marijuana Mandarin Gelato, Wedding Gelato, Cookies Gelatoand more.

Although Seedsman doesn’t offer free shipping like ILGM, they have cheaper prices and they do 6 free marijuana seeds on orders over $60.

Crop King seeds – Buy Gelato strains in Canada

Crop King Seeds is a well-known Canadian seed bank with a good reputation for strain quality since 2005. They offer Gelato at car, feminizedor even regular diversity.

Like ILGM, Crop King Seeds provides seeds a germination guaranteeand you can contact support by email, chat or phone 24/7. If you live in Canada, this seed bank might be worth checking out.

Rocket seeds – Buy chocolate gelato seeds

Like Crop King, Rocket Seeds offers autoflower, feminizedand regular Gelato seeds. In addition, they will stock up Chocolate gelato and Gelato 48 seeds too.

Although the seed bank is not as famous as the others we mentioned above, they are still kept high quality seeds from the best seed banks, including the very seeds of Crop King Seeds!

Your Gelato seeds are 80% guaranteed to germinate and Rocket Seeds customer support is easy to contact on their toll-free number.

Herbies seeds – Buy cheap gelato seeds

Herbies Seeds sells a range of Gelato Marijuana from a variety of seed banks and growers including Kera Seeds, Fast Buds, DNA Genetics, and Components of seeds.

However, our favorite Gelato seeds belong to the brand. They are cheaper and received only positive reviews.

Like Crop King, Herbies offers 24/7 support with toll free numbers in the US, UK and Europe. They are also known for shipping free seeds and free of charge gifts by all orders.

Gelato Kush. Reviews of other manufacturers

I wonder what other growers think of this powerful strain beyond the visual appeal? Here are some reviews that prove we’re not the only ones who think Gelato is a great variety.

ice cream - Reviews1.jpg

Lloyd says his Gelato plants have grown to “over 6′” and came out to “just over 2 oz”. Like many other reviewers, he agrees that Gelato has a strong blow even if he has a high tolerance.

ice cream - Reviews2.jpg

Steve was also very happy with his Gelato seeds. If you are a beginner, we recommend learning from his mistakes – use a five gallons container or more as these babies need room to grow unlike other strains.

ice cream - Reviews3.jpg

Dan says he has small buds, but they were there dense and frosty sweet flavor and wonderful aroma. Like many other reviewers, he says the Gelato seeds are the best he’s ever grown.

Is the Gelato Marijuana strain worth the hype?

Yes! At least we think so.

Also known as Larry Bird, the Gelato cannabis strain is a THC powerhouse and is chosen by many for its potency painful effects. When it comes to THC levels, this is one of the the strongest cannabis strains thanks to their parent strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.

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